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Hi there. I'm Pat aka Juke.  Welcome to my Home Page!
This page has some info about me and my family
as well as some of my interests.

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What can I tell you about myself? Well, let's see now...
I worked for seventeen years in the restaurant business in and around Berkeley California, before I switched professions and started working full time with computers.

For the last 22 years I've worked at a computer security company where I now am a Manager in Corporate Technical Support.

I'm married to about the best person I know, Jennifer, and we have two wonderful children,
Sofia & Isabel (but more on them later...).

I have a nickname that I use in my e-mail and on the internet - "Juke" - it came from some friends at The Burning Man who kept describing me as a "Human Jukebox" because I knew so many songs of the pop variety (and could even reasonably sing most of them). My specialty is anything from the Pop Top Forty from 1954 - 1984.

The nickname evolved into "Chef Juke" after I started cooking for a communal Kitchen at the Burning Man Festival.

But enough about me for now, if you want the gory details
see the BIO section below. 

Stuff List

SantaPubCrawl Annual Eugene Santa Claus Pub Crawl - An event that I've organized for the last 16 years.

burnman Juke's Burning Man Web Page - My photo galleries from an amazing event.

TURKEY PAGE - Chef Wolfe's method for cooking a perfect turkey in record time.
(as mentioned on KLCC's  Food for Thought)

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2808 Almaden Street 
Eugene,  Oregon  97405 
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I love getting E-Mail! Please let me know what you think about my website; constructive criticism is always welcome!

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Biographical Information

This is kind of long....


My parents, Bergliot Bornholdt and William Mackey Jr.
were married at my father's apartment at 732 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY



I was born.
New York Hospital ~ On the East River, New York, NY.
{A month premature but look at me now!}.
Lived at 732 St. Marks Avenue in Beautiful Crown Heights Brooklyn.

 Little Me


 We moved to 850 St. Marks Avenue
Apt. 6D, Brooklyn.


3rd birthday party - I ate the cherry off of the top of the cake. Yumm.

1967 - Summer

 My first trip abroad. I went to Norway with my Mom to visit our relatives there

1968 - Fall

I started 1st grade at St. Ann's Espicopal School in Brooklyn Heights. 

1969 - Summer

Went to Georgia with my Mom & Dad (Mom & I flew, Dad drove) to visit my Dad's relatives. 

1969 - Summer 
Went to Canada with my Mom to visit my Grandparent's summer house, where I ate :
Burger Story
 1971 - Summer
2nd Trip to Norway
This time my Mom and I went up to the Island of Svolvaer,
one of the Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle... 

 My parents amicably separate, later divorce.

1974 - Fall

Attended the Choir School of St.Thomas Church, in midtown Manhattan.

1976 - Fall

Moved to Berkeley California
The City of New York was going broke so Mom decided we should
pack up our bags and move to Ber-ke-ley (CA, that is...) 

 1977 - 1981

 Attended Berkeley High School

 1977 - 1987
Attended then worked at Cazadero Music Camp
One of the more fulfilling experiences of my life. Music & Art up in the Redwoods... 

 Graduated from Berkeley High School
I actually officially graduated on April first (the day I fulfilled my credit requirements for my diploma).
Not many folks can say they have a real diploma with April Fools day on it.


Studied Theater at The Actor's Studio in Oakland under Hope Alexander-Willis


Attended Contra Costa College in San Pablo California. Studied Drama for 1 year,
then moved on to study Culinary Arts under Chef Kenneth C. Wolfe.

Worked at one of my High School haunts, Au Coquelet Café as a Waiter, Barista and eventually Floor Manager.
April 1988

So...There was this gal who kept coming into the Espresso Bar that I worked at every morning just before 8 am for a medium coffee with cream.

One day I asked her out.

Fool that she was (this is one of only two times I saw a flaw in her thinking) she said yes.

Her name was Jennifer.

October 17, 1989 5:04:15 p.m

 Loma Prieta Earthquake
When the quake hit I was on a bus with my pal Ron on our way to try to sneak into the World Series (we had a hot tip on a "foolproof" method of free entry to the ballpark). All of a sudden I looked out the window and saw this "No Parking" sign swinging wildly back & forth. I thought some kid was pushing it back and forth but when I looked down it was the ground moving back & forth. When we got to the Ballpark everyone was looking up at the light towers which had been swaying in big arcs. Some idiot went running through the crowd yelling "The Bay Bridge collapsed into the bay!" My immediate thought was "Where's Jen?" After mentally walking through where Jen would have been at 5:04 (She was working as a Temp in Downtown S.F.) I figured that she would not have been on the bridge or BART so I figured she was probably safe (I hoped).

I found the fact that my first thoughts in this moment were of Jen verrry interesting.

I would have to ponder this...

October 24, 1989 About 8:30 p.m 
Loma Prieta Aftershock
During dinner at Britt-Marie's restaurant in Albany, I finished my pondering. Yep. I proposed. Jen (here comes that second flaw in her thinking I was talking about...) accepted. 
June 23rd, 1990 
Jen & I got hitched

Had the ceremony in my Mom's backyard.
Chuck Kesey made homemade brandy ice cream (yummm!) for all the guests.


"Now you will feel no rain,
For each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
For each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness,
For each of you will be companion to the other.
Now you are two bodies,
But there is only one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place To
Enter into the days of your togetherness
And may your days be good and long upon the earth."

~ Apache Prayer read at our Wedding
January, 1992
Jen & I bought a lovely little 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Eugene, Oregon.
{Wow. If you had told me 2-1/2 years ago that in less than 3 years I would be married and be a homeowner, I would have scoffed mightily!}
We rented the house out for a year and a half while we prepared to move to Eugene.
November 10, 1992


Sofia Harriett Mackey graced us with her presence...

Sofia means "Wisdom", Harriett was my great-grandmother's name .
 June 6 1993

 Loaded up the truck and moved to Orygun...

The Truck before we left:

And after we arrived in Oregon:

 Labor Day 1994

Went to my First Burning Manburnman

Labor Day 1995

Went to my Second Burning Manburnman

Labor Day 1996

Went to my Third Burning Manburnman

T'was here where a woman named Batchick uttered those immortal words:

"You're that JUKE guy..."

The rest, as they say, is nickname history....

September 6, 1996

I joined the Burning Man Mailing ListTigger

November 22, 1996
Isabel Susan Paloma Read Mackey joined our family...
Why so many names, you ask? Well...why not?
Labor Day 1997

Went to my Fourth Burning Manburnman

Labor Day 1998

Went to my Fifth Burning Manburnman

Labor Day 1999

Went to my Sixth Burning Manburnman

Labor Day 2001-???
Look, wouldja GO to my Burning Man burnman page already?
October 2, 2004
My Dad, William Henry Mackey, Jr. passed away.
My 3 gals...



The Fam Xmas 2012
The Family

My Mom with Sofia & Isabel

My Dad



More to come...
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