Burning Man

Burning Man 1999

Chef Juke

Blue Light Bistro 1999

   In early 1999 I started what would become one of the biggest personal projects I've ever undertaken:

Organize and run a communal kitchen at Burning Man which would feed a small community of friends brunch each day for 5 days in the desert.

Little did I know that the 100 or so people that I originally thought I would be feeding would swell to over 500 people on Saturday...nor did I know back in Feburary that the small group of Eugene folks who I thought would be helping me load all of the food, coolers and other equipment into the 24ft Penske Rental Truck would have to bow out at the last minute so that I would be loading the truck virtually by myself....but regardless this venture ended up being one of the personal accomplishments that I am most proud of.

More to come...

Chef Juke at The Blue Light Bistro 1999

(Photo by Russ)


An oasis in the Desert


I love the smell of Home Fries in the morning. Smells like BURNING MAN!


Okay, sometimes there was a little bit of a line...


A parade goes by the Bistro



There they go....







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