Taken from the Scrapbook my Mom made for me after our trip to Norway when I was 4

Patrice's first trip to



Pat went to Norway on August 29th, 1967 on an SAS jet airplane. He went with his Mother. His Daddy had to work so he didn't go.
Pat's Daddy drove them to Kennedy Airport and waited until the airplane was ready to take off.
The jet-plane took a long time before it started down the runway. Pat finally said: "This isn't a jet plane. This isn't an airplane. This is just an old car." Just then the motors roared and the airplane went fast fast fast down the runway and up up and away in the air.
The airplane had interesting seats. They went back and forth. On the seats in front there were lights, a fan, and a tray that you could put down or up.

They served very good food on the airplane. At night Pat slept partly on the seat and partly on his Mother's lap.

Early on August 30th Pat and his Mother landed at Fornebu airfield just outside Oslo. They took a taxi to Tante Aslaug Jullem's apartment. On the taxi ride Patrice saw a streetcar or trolley for the first time. Later we took many rides on the old trolleys whichwere open at both ends.
We lived at Tante Aslaug's apartment at Stensgt.21 which was very nice with a small terrace
Every day we were in Oslo we went different places. We walked a block down the hill to the trolley.
When we went to the Holmenkollen ski jump we took the trolley and the train.



On the train up the mountain Pat asked the name of each stop. After quite a few he asked: "Are we still in Norway?"
One day we went to Vigeland park which is full of statues by Henrik Vigeland depicting different Stages and ages of human beings. There were statues of babies, children, mothers and daddies and old people.

Pat liked touching and climbing on them.

I think Henrik Vigeland would have liked Pat to do that.

Pat met many new friends and relatives. Onkel Oinstein and Tante Ane Sofie have a son Bjorn who is 17 and speaks english. He showed Pat so many interesting things in his room and took Pat to the park.
Tante Ellen Sofie's house was also right next to a park. Mother could sit and talk and watch Pat in the park.
Tante Alis' little girl Hanne was 4 years old. Onkel Gunnar was there too. Onkel Gunnar liked to talk and play with Pat.
We saw the Palace where the Norwegian King lives when he is in Oslo. We did not see the King. We couldn't go in because Mother does not know him personally.
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