The First Church of Larry

The First Admonition of Judith to the Listizens

I just want to say that the days I spent at Burning Man have really changed my life. It's hard to put into words the experience of Burning Man. It transcends mere description. I am so thankful that we have a visionary such as Larry Harvey guiding us into the next century, teaching us about the values of community, self-reliance and ritual which are so lacking in our modern world. It is truly inspiring to see what one man, through shear clarity of vision, has been able to achieve - how he has been able to mold us into a new kind of community, unlike anything else in history.

So why is it that so many people are taking it upon themselves to question that vision? I am really surprised that there have been so many complaints about the presence of the media at Burning Man. The media are at Burning Man because Larry wants them there, and has worked very diligently to publicize our community, sending out press releases, giving journalists free admission, and holding catered press receptions at the event itself. This isn't because he himself wants to become famous, or because he believes that he will make a lot of money if Burning Man begins to attract a large audience (as we all know, Burning Man never makes any money). Rather, it is because he wants to share his vision, a vision which has created, sustained and nurtured our community, with the world at large.


It really is not for us to question his vision and his motivations. Any community, even an anarchic community of free thinkers and free spirits such as our own, needs a leader under whose guidance it can flourish. Larry has not only guided our community, but has created it, showing us what we are truly capable of and refashioning us according to his visionary plan.


So please, at next year's Burning Man, let us receive the media with open arms and welcome them into our community. It is the very least that we could do to thank Larry Harvey for all he has done for us.


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